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DID YOU KNOW? 90% of leads are LOST because of improper follow-up?

Meet Follow Lead...


Personalized emails to share more information about your business.


Non-intrusive, ringless messages landing in your prospects' mailbox.


Strategic text messages to always stay top-of-mind to your leads.


CBW is a leading marketing agency in Medellin. They assist businesses across many verticals with online marketing strategies and lead generation. CBW introduced Follow Lead to help key clients with an effective strategy for once they HAD their leads. Each client saw an increase of 40-50% higher response rate which directly improved their revenue within just a few weeks.


Follow Lead easily integrates with:


  • Sales Pages

  • Click Funnels

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Other Solutions

Just decide HOW and WHEN you want your leads to be contacted!


DID YOU KNOW? Leads require 5.1 points of contact before they convert?

What are you waiting for? The sooner you start the sooner you will see results...




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How do I get my free trial?

After you sign up on our form (above) we will reach out to you to get your trial set up for your business. We will contact you within 24h.


Will this integrate with my current inbound marketing solution?

Our solution integrates with any tool out there. Our technical team will personally set you up to make sure everything is working as it should be.


How can I set up the emails/SMS/voicemails?

Once you sign up, our technical team will contact you to set up the integration and to train you on how to use Follow Lead. If you have any questions later you can contact us at


What kind of results can I expect?

From our extensive experience in lead generation and inbound marketing, as well as our current users, we have seen response rates from 50%-70% - much higher than you can achieve with cold calling or emailing!


How did you get such high response rates?

It is a combination of getting the leads within a key time (first 15 minutes is crucial!) and reaching them via the right channels. From our extensive research & experience, we found that for the North American market these are Email, SMS and voicemails.

MORE QUESTIONS? CONTACT US: HELLO@FOLLOWLEAD.CO   |   MELT STUDIO, LLC  |   State of Delaware   |   Privacy Policy   |   Terms & Conditions

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