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More leads sound great, but you want it to be less work for you.

So we have created a dedicated follow-up platform complete with text, emails, and voicemails to work the leads for you and get a sales qualified lead. 

Turn warm leads into hot ones!


A warm lead is someone who has shown interest in your product or service such as by following you on social media, as a referral or by signing up for your newsletter.

As they have shown interest in learning more about a product or service, they are much more valuable than cold leads. But they do not represent a sale yet, just someone whose contact information you have captured.


A hot lead, on the other hand, is someone, is somebody that is close to purchasing your product. It may be somebody who after several attempts of outreach, is willing to chat.

This only happens if sales people follow-up consistently over a period of time, via a lead nurturing plan.

When It Comes to Follow Up,

Timing is Everything

We believe everyone deserves personal interaction, whether your business is small or large. 


Follow lead makes sending and receive messages a breeze. It's the best way to build relationships with big results.


For your agents to follow

Why Use Follow Lead ?

Maximize your inbound marketing efficiency by 58%  by using Follow Lead for all your prospects.

Easy Integration

Our Zapier integration opens up a world of opportunities for you, giving you the ability to connect to your apps, among hundreds of others.

Unique Personalization

Nobody likes a message that looks like spam. Follow Lead provides you tools to be able to craft personalized, unique messages.

Multichannel Lead Nurturing

Be Where They Are.
Communicate with customers based on their recent-most channel touch point. Make the messaging subtle and non-obtrusive. 

Follow-up through three channels

Fuel more conversations on the channel of your customer’s preference: SMS, RINGLESS VOICEMAIL or EMAIL follow-ups.

two-way SMS

Fuel more conversations

on the channel of your customer’s preference through inbound text messages.

Ringless Voicemail

track callbacks  

Grab your lead’s attention by leaving them a sweet voice message straight to their phone. They don’t get bothered by a phone call but can listen whenever they are free.


Personalized emails to share more information about your business.

CBW is a leading marketing agency in Medellin.


They assist businesses across many verticals with online marketing strategies and lead generation.


CBW introduced Follow Lead to help key clients with an effective strategy for once they had their leads.


Each client saw an increase of 40-50% higher response rate which directly improved their revenue within just a few weeks.


How do I get my free trial?

After you sign up on our form (above) we will reach out to you to get your trial set up for your business. We will contact you within 24h.


Will this integrate with my current inbound marketing solution?

Our solution integrates with any tool out there. Our technical team will personally set you up to make sure everything is working as it should be.


How can I set up the emails/SMS/voicemails?

Once you sign up, our technical team will contact you to set up the integration and to train you on how to use Follow Lead. If you have any questions later you can contact us at


What kind of results can I expect?

From our extensive experience in lead generation and inbound marketing, as well as our current users, we have seen response rates from 50%-70% - much higher than you can achieve with cold calling or emailing!


How did you get such high response rates?

It is a combination of getting the leads within a key time (first 15 minutes is crucial!) and reaching them via the right channels. From our extensive research & experience, we found that for the North American market these are Email, SMS and voicemails.

What’s 2-way SMS syncing?

Enable salesman to get SMS if lead reply, and even better can follow-up converstaion using SMS, or even calling the lead from website.

How much does it cost to make/receive calls?

Calls are charged per minute based on Twilio’s Voice pricing. For example, US outbound call rates start at $0.013 per minute. Learn more.

Which countries do you support for SMS?

Follow L:ead supports sending and receiving SMS messages with SMS-enabled phone numbers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. SMS usage is charged according to Twilio's current SMS pricing. Learn more.

Which kind of phone numbers are use for SMS?

Follow L:ead assign local/mobile phone number for every virtual agent you have asigned to a campaign. We don't user short codes to send SMS or calls, we get real local/mobile. Phone number s are charged per number based on Twilio’s Voice pricing. For example, US phone numbers start at $1 per number. Learn more.

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