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From leading experts in prospecting, developing, and closing deals.

Kick Your Sales Strategy into High Gear

This easy-to-follow plan will remove the mystery surrounding prospecting and have you ramping up for new business.

Easy to Consume

Light-hearted & clear stories that you can easily relate to

Something for everybody

We are all in sales even if we are not salespeople, this book will have something for you

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As soon as you start reading you will get tips on how to make REAL changes to see results

"If you read this book, I have no doubt you will be a better salesperson afterward."

Mark Hunter,

What you will learn from

New Sales. Simplified.: The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development

Identify genuine prospects

Not everyone is going to buy, so you need to learn how to qualify your prospects to know who to spend the most time on. Sounds simple in theory, but you should see these tips first!

Create a compelling, customer-focused ‘sales story’

People are trained to resist a sales pitch, but no one can resist a good story. It’s about having that emotional connection with your lead that entices them to buy.

Have winning sales calls

It all starts with building rapport - getting to know your potential buyer and connecting to them in a genuine way. Get tips like this on how to make the rest of the call smooth sailing!


Get face to face with more prospects

Make use of all of the tools out there (phone, email, SMS) and talk to your buyers in the right way, that they are willing to get face to face with you to increase your close rate.

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