Approach with consist effort. Increase sales rates

Plug & Play

The Zapier integration feature opens up the possibility to connect Follow Lead with hundreds of other applications.

Make Calls from your web browser 

We enable the WebRTC feature to let you call your leads from your web browser.  

Two way Communication Channels

Nurturing a lead should be a two-way conversation. Our solution allows your leads to write or call you back to the message you sent, making the interaction feel more genuine and read.

3 Channels: Emails, SMS & Ringless Voicemails.

Local Numbers

Establish a local presence by using a phone number that matches your recipients country area code so recipients are more likely to engage with your message.

Sales Funnel Integration

Follow Lead connects to the end of your funnel as well, to sync with any CRM or sales tool that you are using. As soon as a lead replies, they are added to your CRM list or add tag to a contact in your CRM or event just simple email to your sales agent.

Round Robin lead distribution allow to equally distribute new Lead records without having to manually assign them.

Dynamic Lead Distribution

Full cloning features

Reuse campaign templates without starting from scratch!

Personalized Scheduling

Emails, SMS and voicemails can be scheduled to reach your leads in their specific timezones. This ensures they receive them when they are likely to be online and increases response rates.

Generate leads from your landing page

Our web form builder gives you easy access to craft unique forms made for your audience. These forms can be embedded into any CMS or webpage in a few clicks.

The marketing team hands you off tons of qualified leads, now what?

If you follow-up with web leads within the first 5 minutes you're 9x more likely to convert them 


  • Try to call the 100% of warm leads from CRM list to get 20% response rates

  • Spent 20 min per lead trying to reach each one them

  • Leave the same voicemail over and over

  • Add more tasks to your CRM as reminders 

  • Wait for the lead to show up or reschedule the next meeting

  • Hire more people when the workload rises

With Follow Lead...

  • Wait for your phone to ring with a lead ready to talk 

Why Use Follow Lead ?

Maximize your inbound marketing efficiency by 58%  by using Follow Lead for all your prospects.

Easy Integration

Our Zapier integration opens up a world of opportunities for you, giving you the ability to connect to your apps, among hundreds of others.

Unique Personalization

Nobody likes a message that looks like spam. Follow Lead provides you tools to be able to craft personalized, unique messages.

Multichannel Lead Nurturing

Be Where They Are.
Communicate with customers based on their recent-most channel touch point. Make the messaging subtle and non-obtrusive. 

When It Comes to Follow Up,

Timing is Everything

We believe everyone deserves personal interaction, whether your business is small or large. 


Follow lead makes sending and receive messages a breeze. It's the best way to build relationships with big results.


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