• Sabina Sarbu

7 Changes to your Email Campaigns Proven to Improve Results

Don’t send another email until you implement these 7 tips…

Back in the 90s and early 00s, when the internet was growing, we were ecstatic to get an email. Fast forward to today, where on average people get over 90 emails per day! So while the channel is very saturated, if done right your strategy can be highly effective.

Tip #1: Don’t purchase contact lists

While it may be hard to start out as a new business, inbound marketing is really the way to go. Unsolicited emails can have your domain blocked by email providers and not to mention that in Europe you would actually be breaking GDPR laws! If recipients did not consent to receive these emails, which is usually not the case with purchased lists, then it is illegal.

Tip #2: Clean email list regularly

Many people never read promotional or business emails. Now with Gmail ‘social’ and ‘promotions’ folders, it is easy to just ignore marketing emails altogether. The health of an email campaign depends on the open rate, but if many of the recipients never open the email, it will not give accurate results. Therefore it’s important to remove recipients from your list who haven’t opened your emails for X amount of time. Then the real analysis can begin!

Tip #3: Write compelling subject lines

Best practices indicate that subject lines between 30–50 characters perform best. You must keep in mind that the majority of people read their emails on the go, and these smaller screens cut off subject lines that go beyond that length. In terms of the content of the subject, the best is to pique curiosity by saying something clever or creating a sense of urgency so they can't resist but open it. Another great idea is to provide incentives in the subject line such as“Free shipping when you spend $50 or more” or “Limited time FREE trial”.

Tip #4: A/B test your call-to-actions & subject lines

We here at Follow Lead love to do A/B testing. It’s a great way to really track if what you are sending out is working. If you are not seeing results in your open and click-through rates increase, then you are either not emailing the right people or the content of your email needs to be updated. To test the latter, use split testing!

For example, if you want to test 2 different subject lines, split your recipient group in half and send one to each. Then measure how many opens and clicks you get on each subject line. This lets you test to see if one of the variations has more success.

Tip #5: Keep the main message and call-to-action above the fold

Above the fold means what the reader sees when they open the email without having to scroll down. As we humans have a low attention span, it’s easy for a person to just close the email if they are not interested in what they see. In fact, it happens that as many as 70% of recipients don’t scroll down in the email. That is why it’s important to put the call-to-action up top and as well a couple more times throughout the email.

Tip #6: Conduct the 5-second test

In order to test if your message is clear, and in a quick enough manner (because as we’ve covered, people have a short attention span), you can run this easy test with friends or associates. Just send them the email and ask them to look at it for only 5 seconds and then ask them if they can remember what your call to action is. If they can, then you are in a great place! If not, you should keep working at it.

Tip #7: Be personal

Nobody likes spam. Period. So making your email feel like you are talking to each recipient one-on-one is the only way to do this. Of course, we need to find the perfect balance between being personal and unique while still being efficient. The reality is that we can’t write all the emails one by one.

If you would like to try out a tool which helps you be personal yet in an efficient way, give Follow Lead a try!

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