• Sabina Sarbu

8 Tips for Leaving the Perfect Sales Voicemail

Get prospects to listen to your message and actually contact you back

Are voicemails a productive activity for your salespeople?

In short, yes.

Even though emails or SMS might get a higher response rate, it has been proven that those who do respond to voicemails are much more engaged with your product and are much more likely to buy. Until now we have always thought of voicemails as having to be a manual task where the sales rep has to call and leave a message for each prospect — what a long and boring process!

Then along came Follow Lead.

Now you can automate your voicemails, while still making them personal for your prospects. And now we want to give you 8 tips on how to leave the perfect voicemail…

1. Length should be 20–30 seconds long

As with any form of communication, people don’t have the patience to pay attention to a long message — even less when they didn’t solicit this message. So keep it short and sweet!

2. Lead with some interesting information

The typical voicemail will introduce the person and company, and where does this lead to? An automatic DELETE. That’s because the listener already knows it’s a sales call. So lead instead with a thought-provoking question or something they would find captivating enough to continue listening.

3. Ask thoughtful questions

First off, make sure you are not requesting the same thing in your emails as your voicemails — the more similar they are, the less likely you are to get a response. So make voicemail messages more specific. They should be so specific that the person will feel it cannot be meant for anyone else. The more specific the question, the more responsibility the person feels to answer you.

4. Leave your voicemails at the end of the day

When you look at a list, you always remember the first and last thing on it. Voicemails work much the same, yet it’s even better to reach out at the end of the day when the person’s day is winding down and they have more time to think about getting back to you.

5. Split up your voicemails into two

Another smart trick is to leave two voicemails:

First one: giving your pitch…

“Hi Susy, I recently left my information with you at your company’s meetup but I never received follow-up information. You know that people are 30% more likely to convert when they attend an event of yours? I just wanted to find out, what strategy do you have for your inbound marketing?”

Second one: include information that was missed in the first one…

“Susy, I completely forgot to leave my name and number in my last message. This is Juan from Follow Lead. You can reach me at [Number]. Talk soon.”

Why does this work? Because it will make you more memorable than the other sales reps who only left one message. Also, it makes the whole thing seem more natural and unrehearsed, which will give you instant credibility.

6. Try not to sound desperate

In general when negotiating, if you sound desperate for the person’s business then you have no chance of closing. The same goes for the impression you give on a voicemail. If you end off saying “please give me a call back” or “I really look forward to hearing from you” or “please give me a ring at your earliest convenience”.. then that will make it sound like you have nothing else to but sit around waiting for their call.

7. Tell them you will follow up via Email

To keep the conversation going, and making it easy (but not desperate) you can shoot them an email after you hang up the phone. Some prospects don’t feel comfortable being on the phone, so an email could be an easier way for them to get back to you. Let them know at the end that you will send a follow-up email.

8. “I just send you an article and I would love to hear your thoughts”

This is good if you have somebody who you know could be potentially interested (in solving their problem or implementing this solution). Then you can send them an article on the topic (bonus points if it’s an article written by your company) and treat it as a great starting point to talk in a very innocent way.

If you want to get more tips on voicemail etiquette, reach out to us at or visit us at for a live demo!

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