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So you’ve decided that calling all your leads is not working

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Why not try automated marketing outreach instead?

So you set up your inbound marketing funnel, and you are getting leads. You even hired a team of badass salespeople to call them and close that sale.

After a few weeks, there are no results, and your salespeople are getting more and more discouraged as the days pass.

So what happened?

Over 50% of qualified leads are not ready to buy yet.

Depending on what you are selling, it could be that the lead wants to get more information? But they last way they imagine doing it is being disturbed by a salesperson on the phone. Instead, they want to be contacted or reach out on their own terms when they are ready.

Or perhaps you are a new player in the field and your prospects need to learn more about you to build up the trust they would instill in your company. Again, this credibility will not be built by a confident sales guy reaching them on the phone. This will likely make the whole thing look more sleazy.

So what can you do?

Email marketing has two times higher return than cold calling

Having a strategy where you can contact leads across different touch points is key. It actually takes at least 5 touchpoints to get a lead to reach back out, and this should be done across various channels so that they do not feel they are being spammed in one place. You want to provide value across these channels, not just talk about your business.

SMS — Send out SMS messages to be viewed by your lead when they are on their phone. Here you should send quick messages that can quickly captivate them

Email — Send out emails that seem very personalized and special to them. Make the reader feel like it was written for them and that you understand their problem 100%. It all starts with an engaging subject.

Ringless Voicemail — Hearing your voice on the phone, in a professional manner and with something important to say can really increase your credibility for the lead. It puts a voice to the name and brand of your company that is doing the outreach. And the fact that it is ringless means you are not going to catch the person at a bad time, they can just listen when they are ready.

So what might this nurturing schedule look like?

Nurture and Engage them in a consistent long-term stream of relevant communication. Multiple different types of online and offline communication that nurtures, cultivates, educates, and maintains brand awareness — until that prospect is ready to buy.

Email 1: Reach out to your lead to thank them for their interest & try to engage them by asking a question about what they are currently using as their solution?

Email 2: Introduce a problem that most customers have, and then tell them how your product will solve those. Remember to make it all about THEM and what you can do for THEIR business — don’t make it all about you!

SMS 1: Send a quick SMS to let them know that you sent them a couple of emails & still haven’t heard back. Tell them that the information is pretty important in improving their business processes + any other value your product/service will add.

Email 3: Try to get some urgency in your email, for why they are losing out if they don’t respond or take action. It could be done via a big problem that you know they have and are losing out by not fixing it, or it could be an expiring discount that you are offering.

Voicemail 1: Send them a ringless voicemail telling them that you tried to reach out a few times and that since you didn’t hear back you assume one of two things:

  1. They are happy with their current strategy and are getting enough sales with the current way they are doing business (this is never really the case, nobody is 100% content and not looking to improve). So you will not contact anymore if this is the case.

  2. They haven’t had time yet to reach back out.

This is known as a breakup touchpoint and at this point, they will usually respond either to take action or to indicate that they do not want what you are offering (that rejection is a whole issue we can solve in a later post).

So this is essentially how one campaign in Follow Lead could look like. But there are many options and automation that can be set up. We are there to help you every step of the way. We just want to see you TAKE ACTION in your inbound marketing.

It’s not right to do it the old fashioned way and just leave money on the table.

If you want to get more tips on voicemail etiquette, reach out to us at or visit us at for a live demo!

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