• Sabina Sarbu

The 3-Email Guide Guaranteed to Give You Better Response Rates

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Following up is key, but how to do it is not so easy

Is following up really that important? Statistics show that 70% of responses are generated by the 2nd to 4th email of the sequence. So without a doubt, I’d say yes.

1. Opening Email

The first email has to be the slickest, most captivating. Of course it goes without being said that the secret to the sauce is the subject line. Without a good subject line you will not get them to open it and therefore your words fall on deaf ears.

So write a short, concise email that grabs attention:

  • An intriguing intro

  • Make it clear why you’re reaching out to them

  • Explain what’s in it for them

  • Show them why they should trust you

  • Use a single, clear call to action

Even if it might seem obvious, DON’T forget the call to action!

2. Gentle, Firm Reminder

People are busy. How often is your inbox clear? Maybe your recipient was overloaded with work, or maybe they had a terrible day. So it’s worth sending a little reminder.

However, don’t repeat your first email. Simply follow up in the same email thread and ask if they had a chance to read your previous email or consider your offer. You’d be surprised by how many of your leads were, in fact, busy, and the wonders that a follow-up email can do.

3. The Breakup

Nobody likes a breakup, even if it’s something that they didn’t want to begin with, when it comes to being told that something is being let go they get intrigued.

Now let me share with you a very effective subject line that has been PROVEN to work:

What could have changed your mind?

What makes this so powerful? Well, it makes the reader get curious about what you are offering. Imagine they never opened your 2 previous emails, now maybe they will check to see what you are offering and what they missed out on. Also, it makes them start to think of the reasons why they didn’t respond to you. And suddenly, when they type those reasons out, they don’t seem so compelling anymore.

So when you set up your next campaign, be sure to follow these tips. You can always add additional emails, but these 3 (opening, follow-up, and breakup) are essentials to improve your response rate.

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